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Four Principle Qualities of Couples Hookup

couples hookupFoursome is a rising trend because of the numerous adult dating sites available. You can go the traditional way of approaching your friends, who are also a couple, or you can go online couples dating sites. A while back, most of these dating sites were for individuals who wanted a one-night stand with no strings attached. However, the rules have changed (somehow) and couples looking for experience can hook up with another couple. Before you think of going down that road, it is important to consider a few factors.


It is easy to meet up for sex, with no strings attached on the online dating sites. Traditionally, it was complicated to find new friends who have the same sexual ideas as you. With the invention of the adult dating sites, it has become pretty easy to get a couples hookup because all you have to do is go online, read couple’s profile and if you like what their profile, you are in. It is important to put your health first. Discuss with your partner and establish boundaries, use protection and avoid mixing fluids while you are at it.


Just because you have joined the couples looking for couple bandwagon does not mean you do not have privacy. As mentioned earlier, you should set boundaries beforehand in order to avoid regrets. Before you head to the bedroom, set the rules and ensure everyone sticks to them. Set the boundaries and ensure that every person understands the need to stick to the rules. If possible, you should have a code word as a couple in case things get out of control, you can come to each other’s rescue.


Every couple should remain respectful. Most preferably, the couple should meet before for a couple of drinks in order to know each other. After all, it is easier to walk away from a bar than from the house. Once you meet, you can seize the other couple up and know if you are compatible. If you are compatible, then you can then discuss and agree to the terms of couples dating before they come over to your house. If you cannot stand them, simply walk away and look for another couple. You have unlimited options.

No Envy

The rule of the thumb in any couples hookup is to stay casual and enjoy the moment. No need of being envious. You are a couple, and your intention was only to spice up your sex life and not look for options. Envy come it when you think your partner is having too much fun. If you have such a mindset, you will miss out all the fun. Loosen up and enjoy the moment. Once you are free, you will give your partner a chance to enjoy the experience too.


What Kinds of Relationship Can You Find on Couples Dating Sites?

swinger datingIn case you are looking to diversify your personal experiences, a couples dating site can be the place where you can try new things. The people that join such websites are usually very open minded and are there for the same reason you are. And that is to meet new people and find new endeavors. Many people prefer the diversity they can find on such websites, and the fact that they are anonymous over there. Meaning that the chances to actually find someone you know on such a web site are very scarce. Still, you are probably wondering what type of relationships can be started on couples dating site. Here are four of the most commonly met.

  1. Threesome

It is an intimate fantasy for many to experience a threesome at some point in their lifetime. Well, on such a website, such a thing is possible, if you find the right persons. The truth is that you may find many bisexual couples here, which are opened to trying a threesome. So if you intend to have such experiences, then this is the right place to be looking. You will have better chances of getting what you wish on such site than on the regular one.

  1. Foursome

If you think a threesome is awesome, then how about a foursome? Again, the people over here are very open minded when it comes to trying out new things. They are curious and are willing to try out many new things. So do not be amazed if you meet someone, or a couple of people, who have other friends interested in a foursome. Thus, you will be just steps away from making this fantasy come true, if you want it, of course.

  1. Swinger Dating

A couple looking for a couple is another common sight on couples dating site. After all, mainly for them was the site created. There are couples that have nothing against allowing or even participating at a date where their partner is meeting with someone else. Usually, if two couples meet, they will swap partners in the search for new and exciting experiences. So if you trust your partner and do this just to diversify your life and have some fun, then swinger dating is another thing that can be found here.

  1. Friendship

Or you may very well just find new people to talk to. It is not necessarily to want to have an adventure or experience if you don’t want to because no one will force you to do something. People here will be more than happy just to chat and meet one another, without the obligation to do anything. If you have something in common with someone and conversations are pleasant, nothing can stop you from developing a nice friendship. Even the people that are involved in other relationships, like the ones previously mentioned, can very well remain friends and talk, if nothing in between ruined their friendship relationship. A couples dating site is a social site above all. What you may decide to do, is a different story.

Heat Up Your Love Life with a Couples Dating Site

foursomeThe fast pace of today does not make it as easy to connect with others in the community that have the same interests as you.  If you are interested in a fulfilling and intriguing love or sex life, then you can find it by looking at new possibilities.  Using the Internet can help you to redefine potential opportunities for love or casual encounters.  Looking at a couples dating site allows you to find others that have similar interests and are waiting to connect.  With a simple profile, you will be able to heat up your relationships and expand your reach to others that are interested in a similar approach to dating.

How A Couples Dating Site Heats Up Your Fun

When you are interacting with people on a daily basis, you don’t know what their intentions or desires are.  These are usually hidden because of the expectations of society.  When you turn to a dating site for couples, the initiatives change.  Most are showing their profiles because they want to get straight to the point.  Connecting with others that have similar interests and want to explore the same sexual intimacy is readily available.  In a matter of minutes, you will be able to find others with like minds and that are in a place that is safe, secure and available for intimate encounters.

Using a Site for Couples Looking for Women

Not only can you set a profile that attracts other like minds.  If you want to experience different approaches to sexuality, then you can look at a couples dating site for more opportunities.  There are options for a threesome or foursome with individuals that are willing to experiment with you.  If you are interested in couples looking for women or want to add into more fun through different relationships, then you can work with these sites to find the necessary matches.  These connections allow you to find an instant spark that offers more for your relationship.

Specialty Places for Bisexual Couples

Get into the game without social interference and for more enjoyment.  Bisexual couples are available and ready to connect with you for a different experience.  If you want to add in another couple to your experience, then you can look at the couples dating site to add in a heated encounter.  There are opportunities to connect to couples without strings attached or for a continuous relationship that builds over time with the three or four of you.  The opportunities available for bisexuals invite you into a new level of desire for the relationship you are interested in exploring.

Examine new possibilities and make your connections easier.  If you are interested in intimate exploration, then connect to a place that is easier for sexual encounters or relationships.  From bisexual couples to intimate exploration through a threesome or foursome, you will easily be able to expand your possibilities.  The online experience with a couples dating site takes away all the social awkwardness of your desires while allowing you to heat up the nights.

Foursome in Couples Dating – Don’t Try until You Are Prepared

foursomeThere are times when bisexual couples want to explore more and go beyond the traditional couple. The foursome experience is one of the most frequent version, even if in many cases it happens behind closed doors. But this is going on by the desire of people to broaden their experiences and fulfill their fantasies. Some see it as a way to strengthen the bond with your partner. But some say it may ruin it if you are not adequately prepared to make this step. And this is true because not having a proper communication between the bi couple can lead to unpleasant situations and discussion that might eventually result in separation.

It is great to be able to experience your fantasies and deepest desires with your partner, but before anything like a couples hookup takes place, you must discuss with the other pair about what you’re thinking and feeling. Above all, you must be both open to each other, ready to share even the deepest ideas and wishes regarding your sexual life. It is more than fair to have these conversations together, so that you will both know what each other wants and how can you better fulfil these desires. Starting such endeavor without knowing what your partner wants, or desires can put you in an awkward situation, which may trigger unwanted feelings and can harm the relationship you had.

Once you have both opened up and strengthen your communication, especially regarding couples dating, you might take this matter into consideration. You need to make a little research about what this means and if you are both comfortable with the idea of looking for a couple. In other’s opinion, this is not called cheating or being an infidelity towards your partner because he is there with you all the time and aware of your wishes. Not to mention that he or she will also enjoy the benefits of a foursome. The next step would be to find another couple or bisexual couple that is interested in this type of couples dating. There are plenty of places, especially online dating sites for couples looking for couples with the wish of having a foursome experience. It can be a good method to start your search for couples hooking up, especially if you want to keep your discretion about it or don’t wish to involve couples that are your friends.

Also, once you have both made up your mind about it, it is highly advisable to go for a couple of meetings to know the bi couple you are about to date. The same communication that needs to be happening in your couple should happen with this couple as well, to see what their opinions and feelings are about the foursome couples dating. You need to be sure that you are going to get along and that you have a communication on the same wavelength, in order to avoid any misunderstandings. So it is better to know each other a bit, instead of just launching into something with complete strangers. It is great you both want to fulfill your partner’s desires, but the well-being and integrity of the couple must concern you first. So take precaution and don’t forget always to communicate while dating with couples.