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Why Should Couples Not Hook Up with the Same Couple for the Third Time?

couples hookupYou and your partner enjoyed a couple of foursome hookups with a great couple you met online. Now the big question is coming up. Should there be a couples hookup for the third time? The foursome was fun, and everyone enjoyed spending time together, but it may be time to move on. There are many reasons why you should consider finding a different couple before hooking up with the same couple for a third time.

It doesn’t matter what everyone’s intentions are in the beginning. Couples looking for couples may be curious about having a foursome with another couple. Perhaps your sex life has been stale, and you’re hoping to spice it up a bit. A foursome is a safe way of having fun, without having an affair, when both of you are participating.

No matter how much we want to compartmentalize sex into meaning nothing, ironically it’s what helps couples to bond together. The more sex you have with a man or woman, the greater the chances of a bond forming. Rumor has it that sex generates love over time.

It doesn’t matter if there are four people in the foursome, it’s still possible that one or two people may fall in love with each other. After all, it’s possible for humans to love more than one person at a time. Foursome dating can present its own set of risks.

Unless you’re actively seeking polyamory, which is a different situation entirely, you’ll want to avoid the negative aspects of continually hooking up with the same couple over time.

Falling in love with someone outside your own partnership may cause feelings of embarrassment, particularly if those feelings aren’t exchanged. And if the feelings are exchanged, it’s opening up another relationship where the couple may be cheating on their respective partners.

Feelings of betrayal may happen between partners, if they’re unexpected. Chances are you set up some lengthy rules before you did your foursome. No discussion about where you work, you don’t tell anyone what you’re planning, and equal time with each partner. Naturally, having an affair was not one of the results you were hoping for. Affairs can destroy even the most adventurous of couples.

swinger datingHow can it be possible to avoid the awkwardness that may result after having a foursome two or three times? The best way is to find one-night stand hookups, instead of making plans to meet up again.

Only a one-night stand can ensure that the encounter is going to remain just that—a fun sexual encounter—and there will be no feelings exchanged between members. Better yet, keep your foursome dating set to a couple of hours of time, rather than one entire afternoon, or evening.

When you choose to try a couples hookup, be sure to make rules in advance and stick to them. That way any awkward situations will be avoided, but you’ll both still have a fun night ahead.

Four Principle Qualities of Couples Hookup

couples hookupFoursome is a rising trend because of the numerous adult dating sites available. You can go the traditional way of approaching your friends, who are also a couple, or you can go online couples dating sites. A while back, most of these dating sites were for individuals who wanted a one-night stand with no strings attached. However, the rules have changed (somehow) and couples looking for experience can hook up with another couple. Before you think of going down that road, it is important to consider a few factors.


It is easy to meet up for sex, with no strings attached on the online dating sites. Traditionally, it was complicated to find new friends who have the same sexual ideas as you. With the invention of the adult dating sites, it has become pretty easy to get a couples hookup because all you have to do is go online, read couple’s profile and if you like what their profile, you are in. It is important to put your health first. Discuss with your partner and establish boundaries, use protection and avoid mixing fluids while you are at it.


Just because you have joined the couples looking for couple bandwagon does not mean you do not have privacy. As mentioned earlier, you should set boundaries beforehand in order to avoid regrets. Before you head to the bedroom, set the rules and ensure everyone sticks to them. Set the boundaries and ensure that every person understands the need to stick to the rules. If possible, you should have a code word as a couple in case things get out of control, you can come to each other’s rescue.


Every couple should remain respectful. Most preferably, the couple should meet before for a couple of drinks in order to know each other. After all, it is easier to walk away from a bar than from the house. Once you meet, you can seize the other couple up and know if you are compatible. If you are compatible, then you can then discuss and agree to the terms of couples dating before they come over to your house. If you cannot stand them, simply walk away and look for another couple. You have unlimited options.

No Envy

The rule of the thumb in any couples hookup is to stay casual and enjoy the moment. No need of being envious. You are a couple, and your intention was only to spice up your sex life and not look for options. Envy come it when you think your partner is having too much fun. If you have such a mindset, you will miss out all the fun. Loosen up and enjoy the moment. Once you are free, you will give your partner a chance to enjoy the experience too.


What Kinds of Relationship Can You Find on Couples Dating Sites?

swinger datingIn case you are looking to diversify your personal experiences, a couples dating site can be the place where you can try new things. The people that join such websites are usually very open minded and are there for the same reason you are. And that is to meet new people and find new endeavors. Many people prefer the diversity they can find on such websites, and the fact that they are anonymous over there. Meaning that the chances to actually find someone you know on such a web site are very scarce. Still, you are probably wondering what type of relationships can be started on couples dating site. Here are four of the most commonly met.

  1. Threesome

It is an intimate fantasy for many to experience a threesome at some point in their lifetime. Well, on such a website, such a thing is possible, if you find the right persons. The truth is that you may find many bisexual couples here, which are opened to trying a threesome. So if you intend to have such experiences, then this is the right place to be looking. You will have better chances of getting what you wish on such site than on the regular one.

  1. Foursome

If you think a threesome is awesome, then how about a foursome? Again, the people over here are very open minded when it comes to trying out new things. They are curious and are willing to try out many new things. So do not be amazed if you meet someone, or a couple of people, who have other friends interested in a foursome. Thus, you will be just steps away from making this fantasy come true, if you want it, of course.

  1. Swinger Dating

A couple looking for a couple is another common sight on couples dating site. After all, mainly for them was the site created. There are couples that have nothing against allowing or even participating at a date where their partner is meeting with someone else. Usually, if two couples meet, they will swap partners in the search for new and exciting experiences. So if you trust your partner and do this just to diversify your life and have some fun, then swinger dating is another thing that can be found here.

  1. Friendship

Or you may very well just find new people to talk to. It is not necessarily to want to have an adventure or experience if you don’t want to because no one will force you to do something. People here will be more than happy just to chat and meet one another, without the obligation to do anything. If you have something in common with someone and conversations are pleasant, nothing can stop you from developing a nice friendship. Even the people that are involved in other relationships, like the ones previously mentioned, can very well remain friends and talk, if nothing in between ruined their friendship relationship. A couples dating site is a social site above all. What you may decide to do, is a different story.

How to Meet Bisexual Couples?

couples dating siteIf you are one of the women looking for couples or men looking for bisexual couples then there are plenty of opportunities out there for you. The main idea is simple, you just can’t find bisexual couples anywhere, because they tend to be very discrete and thus the search can be quite tiresome if you want to do that in real life. Sure, you can try out via friends or a wide range of other ways, but the reality is that finding the right bisexual couples takes a lot of time and passion if you want to find the right one for you.

How can a couple dating site help?

The main idea here is simple, a couples dating site is the exact place where the women looking for couples or even bisexual couples on their own can start to look for one another in order to get the best experience and result. Finding the best bisexual couple might be a little hard to achieve without a couples dating website, but with this the entire experience becomes natural, easy to perform and definitely cohesive. It’s just a ton of fun to find the bisexual couples when you are online, so you should do that!

Why look for bisexual couples on a couples dating site?

You have to acknowledge the fact that searching for bisexual persons in real life can be a bust, because this requires a lot of talk with others and in this type of situation you want to be as discrete as possible. That’s why you should totally focus on meeting bisexual couples online, because here you can acquire all the privacy and discretion that you need!

At the same time, the couples website offers you a wide range of filters that make it very easy for you to actually find bisexual couples in a specific region, something you will like quite a lot. So it doesn’t matter if you are one of the women looking for couples or a man, you are bound to find exactly what you want here and so much more.

Not only that, but the entire experience is free and thus you don’t have to pay anything yet still manage to meet all the couples you want without any restrictions. It’s a lot easier and faster to get the job done in a professional manner and you will surely be surprised with the outcome guaranteed, so keep that in mind!

In the end, finding the right bisexual couples can take a lot of search, but with the help of couples dating website the experience becomes simpler and more immersive. You will love the great results that you receive from using a couples dating site, so if you are one of the men or women looking for couples, you should definitely give such a site a try, because it provides you with a great way to meet bisexual couples immediately!

Is Bisexual Couples Dating Freaky?

bisexual couple datingPeople have a wrong tendency of judging the ones that are not the same with them. But are you willing to live in a world where everybody is exactly the same? Mother Nature made us different so that we can enjoy diversity. This is the key to success for our race. Without diversity and without each of us thinking in a different way and having a different perspective on life, maybe we wouldn’t be so evolved today. And regarding bisexual couples dating, even if you never heard of it before, that doesn’t mean it is something new. It is not something that modern society brought, as it is something that is happening since the ancient times.

If you take a closer look at historical details regarding the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations, you will notice that sexual freedom was thriving back then. There were not rules about who is dating who, as long as people got along. There was no such thing as jealousy, only perhaps in remote cases, since sexual activities and desires were regarded as being natural needs of the human body, like eating and sleeping. You will actually be very stunned by what happened back in those days, even calling them incontinent. Our society is much more discreet now since everything happens behind closed doors. So how can you consider bisexual couples dating a freaky aspect since most of us never had to deal with it?

Only if you are a part of a bisexual couple you will be a part of this, since straight couples are not even aware when and where bisexual couples dating takes place. Of course, they are not that hidden, as anyone curious enough can join such a group. But the points is that they do not disturb the society since everything is happening with a high degree of diplomacy. Bisexual couples date because they have a more open minded perspective when it comes to intimate needs and relationships, being very close to the relaxed point of view of our ancient civilizations. Whether it is out of curiosity or of the desire to release their emptiness and confusion of the modern times, many couples of the middle-class society join couples dating. It is a way to find out what they need and even to decrease some tensions.

There are many couples looking for women, and even for men, open to having such type of relations. It is rather awkward to call this manifestation as being inappropriate when they are happening since the beginning of our civilization. Not to mention that such couples never disturbed you in any way. And the fact that they are present in the online environment is nothing bothering since they are not ostensive or vulgar. Bisexual dating sites look the same as any other dating site, not representing a danger to anyone’s moral integrity. It is just a reminder that diversity exists, and we should accept it, as we did not create it, being created at the beginning of times. We all have the right to express ourselves the way we feel and live the life we desire, as long as we do not harm the people around us. And bisexual couples never did any harm whatsoever.


How to Meet Bisexual Couples in New York?

bisexual coupleBisexuality really does exist and sometimes, bisexuals have trouble finding love because of the misconception portrayed by straight and gay people. Most people perceive the bisexuals as indecisive and believe that this group of people is going through a sexuality identification process, and they will eventually decide where they fall. However, bisexuals can have chance to meet, interact and find love in various places. When meeting bisexual couples, they may have a chance to share their experiences and love as much as the straight and homosexual people do. Fortunately, there are several different platforms that bisexual couples can meet and have fun.

Swinger Dating Sites

Bisexual couples can venture out and look for bisexuals on these dating sites. The bisexuals can be in a committed relationship, or they are just dating. Fortunately, most dating sites have the bisexuals section where they can meet and interact. The advantage of these dating sites is that the platform allows the bisexuals to find love and date their partners, even if they are in a committed relationship. The enjoyment and the freshness experienced in this adventure strengthen the relationship and break the monotony of everyday living of the couple.

Bisexual Dating Sites

These sites are the ideal place to find bisexual couples. When compared to other sites, the bisexual dating sites have genuine community members unlike the other couple dating sites. The bisexual dating sites cater for bisexuals, and it eliminates the chances of intruders, especially the ‘bi-curious’. In most cases, the intruders visit the dating sites trying to satisfy their curiosity and to figure out the bisexuality myth. The bi-curious people visit the site in order to find out as much information as they can about the bisexual community. In the bisexual dating site, bisexuals have the warmth and affection of the community who share similar beliefs.

Swinger Clubs

Bisexual couples can take their chances at swinger clubs. Swinger clubs are the platforms where the couples can get wild and spice up their life. The couples have high chances of interacting with other couples in the same community, and they can find a socializing platform for expressing themselves and sharing sexual experiences. However, the chances of meeting a bisexual couple in a swinger club are not as high as on a bisexual dating site.

Night Clubs

A nightclub is a common ground where people of all orientation meet. It can be a confusing platform to find bisexual couples because they have to sift through the vast selection of the straight, gay and bisexual to find them. It can also be confusing because there are the ‘bi-curious’ and bi-phobic groups as well. In worst-case scenario, ‘barsexuals’ are common in nightclubs. The ‘bar sexual’ selection comprises of drunk people, mostly women, who flirt with other women when they get drunk.

Do Bisexual Couples Only Date a Third for Sex?

threesome datingTrue enough, our time today is a good time to be out in the open about your sexuality. With the help of many advocates and support groups, more and more people are becoming more transparent about their real identities to the public. With this situation, questions and misconceptions could arise from the people outside of the group. One of which is the uncertainty as to whether bisexual couples go on in dating a third person for the sole purpose of sex or if they do for the most genuine reasons.

The truth is that although most people would subscribe to this notion, bisexual people do not always involve another person in the couples dating just for the sake of satisfying their needs. It is sad to know that a lot of people who are uneducated and unaware of what really goes on in the whole idea of bisexuality are the ones who are very vocal about imposing stereotypes involving bisexual women looking for couples. It is important to note that just like any other normal relationship, people who prefer to date and know other people deeper regardless of their sex do not have to get in touch with another person for sexual satisfaction.

One good reason for this is that, just like any other people who have dating preferences may it be traditional or unconventional, bisexual couples do have a sense of loyalty to their partner. It may be true for other couples to be open to the idea of introducing another character to whatever adventures they have in bed, you should still remember that not all couples think like so. With this, a genuine concern for the preferences of the other half of the partnership would warrant a partner to stay away from having third parties for sexual gratification.

A bisexual is indeed able to get attracted to both sexes. However, this should not be a cause for you to think that participants of bisexual couples have to have both in a single relationship just too completely fill the void in their sexual exploration. You should always remember that although heterosexuals (straight) and homosexuals (gays and lesbians) have a single gender preference, they may still be attracted to a lot of individuals belonging to the gender that they prefer. They could be with two or more of these people, but they prefer to be with the person whom they think is the best among the thousands of the people. The same goes for couples hookup among bisexuals.

It is about time to be opening minded about these things and be aware that bisexuality does not always have to involve women looking for couples. In order for us to stay away from making close minded comments about their sexuality, we should educate ourselves with what really goes on in their world.

Things You Need to Know Before You Get into Swinger Dating

swinger datingGetting into a mature relationship always start with something that is relatively light, much as meeting up and dating. You may be in this phase already and hopefully, you are aware that getting into these kind of stuff requires you to go out of your way and do something to get closer to the one you are dating. Truth be told, this can apply to anyone you date, may he/she be someone who prefers girls, guys or both. In becoming one of the bisexual couples, however, you have to break down all the stereotypes associated with your partner’s gender preferences and get on to know him or her better.

Respect is Key

To be completely honest, talking to your partner about his or her sexuality can be a bit weird and uncomfortable. Especially if you are dating a bisexual, you might have a lot of questions in mind that you want to let out. Since knowing your partner, is as important as maintaining respect in couples hookup, you can smoothly ask questions to your partner by carefully going through them before letting them out. You surely do not want to sound insensitive by asking a rather innocent question that is spilled in a rather impolite way. You should always be able to remember whatever answer you will get in the process.

Communicate Often

As with other straight or homosexual couples dating, it is important to keep a constant communication with your partner. It is undeniable that you may have a lot of misconceptions about his or her sexuality. It is important that you let these be known to him or her early in the relationship so that you can establish the things that you can expect from it. If there happens divergences, you should let your partner know in a very sensitive and constructive way so as to allow the both of you to sort things out. This way, you can always settle out your difference without having to go through unnecessary fights.

Just like you, people around you may have confusions about what goes on in bisexuals dating. These could be only petty, or they could be things that are serious enough to warrant judgment from them that are definitely uncalled for. With this, you should be ready with appropriate responses for remarks from these people, as they may not be conscious enough with how they let out their questions and comments. You just have to keep an open mind and understand that they still have a lot to learn with regards to bisexual couples.

Always remember that in swinger dating, even though your partner is set to be attracted to both genders, he or she still chose you. You just have to keep this in mind and go on with the relationship, just as you would in traditional dating.

Top 5 World’s Best Cities for Couples Hookup Dating

swinger club

Swinger Club

Couples who’ve found romance in another country understand better the phrase “love knows no borders” – it’s not a respecter of artificial boundaries, and never will. If you are swingers or bisexual couples looking to have some good time, whether in your home country or an urban city abroad, you can tip the odds in your favor and find places in the world best known for their vibrant swinging and bisexual partners for fun.

These choice cities have made it to the top-five list thanks to their hip restaurants that create a perfect aura for that first date with bisexual partner(s), chicest bars that make meeting a swinger easy, lush parks for those romantic walks (if you need to), and, most importantly, for their plethora of fun and friendly swinging couples open to meeting new swingers.

#1: Buenos Aires, Argentina – There’s no finer city in the world that embraces romance to its fullest than Buenos Aires. Here, couples looking to find a date can have quite an easy time as the nightlife lasts until eight or even ten in the morning – and it doesn’t ever seem to stop. If you miss a chance to finding a date in Buenos Aires, Palermo, the largest neighborhood in the city, has laid-back bars too. You can’t miss finding a bisexual partner willing to have some fun.

#2: Austin, United States – There’s no shortage of opportunity either in Austin. The nightlife in this offbeat Texas capital presents bisexual couples looking for a perfect date a diverse dating pool. Put simply, you’ll be spoilt for choice. The locals here subscribe to the maxim that if you don’t like a scene in a particular bar, move to the next one until you do. Hottest dating spots in Austin can also be found in Clarksville, South Congress or Downtown. Take time and sample all.

#3: Copenhagen, Denmark – That you can find a swinger quickly in Copenhagen is no lie. Thanks to long summer nights, the city of Copenhagen is laden with opportunities for couples dating or looking to have some fun with swingers or swinging couples. The free-spirited and laid-back partying nature of the Copenhageners makes them fun to be around. Find your way here. There are lots of trendy bars and cafes to keep a couples energy up all night long for some kinky fun.

#4: Montreal, Canada – Oh, you just have to love Montreal. It boasts a plethora of intimate bistros with a laid-back atmosphere for that hot couple’s night out. Couples who are looking to ignite their sex life can find swingers or bisexual couples at swanky, urban parties at downtown Montreal where people never seem to sleep. If you’re looking for a gay partner to have some fun with, the Village neighborhood that is east of downtown Montreal, is the perfect place to be.

#5: Cape Town, South Africa – If you’re not shy about letting your hair down and having some good time, Capetonians will embrace you as one of their own. Just like Austin, Cape Town has no shortage of opportunities for dating couples. It’s a cosmopolitan city with people who are entirely social. With numerous new gay clubs and high-end swanky clubs popping up in the city, you are bound to find bisexual couples and swingers looking to unwind to some good time.

One Night Stand – Best Way for Two Couples Hookup

one night stand

MF couple and FF couple

When it comes to trying to get involved in some form of foursome, you can find that the variety of implications that can come up along the way can be quite daunting. Even for couples dating who are quite open and happy for other things to go on around them it can become a bit of a drama trying to manage things when you have a foursome happening around you. When you and your partner are seeing another person or another couple at the same time, emotions can become frayed and the lines can start to blur quite a bit more than many might have been anticipating. To avoid this problem from escalating and becoming worse, we recommend that any couple looking for couple relations considers the far more beneficial side of an open relationship: one-night stands hookup.

Whilst many couples are happy for the “fun” to be spread across more or less whoever they please, it still hurts when you see your other half getting too intimate with someone on an emotional level. If you are happy for the whole bisexual coups thing to take place, that’s fine, but are you happy with someone else sharing the emotional bond and connection that you share? This is what can happen in these situations, and it can quickly damage the entire dynamic of what you both have.

To keep things sweet and in perspective, any couple looking for couple action should try and get involved in a foursome via a one-night stand. Whether it’s together or individually, having a bit of no-strings attached fun on the side can be far more enjoyable for you. It takes a whole lot of courage to go through couples hookup, and if things get too heavy on one side it can start to drain from the experience quite dramatically. In that situation, you really are best trying to stick to the route of a normal one-night stand.

This leaves all of the desire and the fun in the room with you together, and you don’t need to carry on the extra emotional burden that can come with effectively juggling relationships. You’ll start to notice things like emotions of envy and even betrayal creeping in where there was none personally. It might seem fun to have another group that you have a foursome with and enjoy the feeling of being happy bisexual couples together, but are you ready for the emotional burden that can come from this?

Think about what you are getting into at the moment, and how it may affect your life in the future. Can you see it coming back to bite you all in some manner? If so, you would be well advised to steer clear and stick to a more traditionally enjoyable path which is the age-old one night stand.