Is Bisexual Couples Dating Freaky?

bisexual couple datingPeople have a wrong tendency of judging the ones that are not the same with them. But are you willing to live in a world where everybody is exactly the same? Mother Nature made us different so that we can enjoy diversity. This is the key to success for our race. Without diversity and without each of us thinking in a different way and having a different perspective on life, maybe we wouldn’t be so evolved today. And regarding bisexual couples dating, even if you never heard of it before, that doesn’t mean it is something new. It is not something that modern society brought, as it is something that is happening since the ancient times.

If you take a closer look at historical details regarding the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations, you will notice that sexual freedom was thriving back then. There were not rules about who is dating who, as long as people got along. There was no such thing as jealousy, only perhaps in remote cases, since sexual activities and desires were regarded as being natural needs of the human body, like eating and sleeping. You will actually be very stunned by what happened back in those days, even calling them incontinent. Our society is much more discreet now since everything happens behind closed doors. So how can you consider bisexual couples dating a freaky aspect since most of us never had to deal with it?

Only if you are a part of a bisexual couple you will be a part of this, since straight couples are not even aware when and where bisexual couples dating takes place. Of course, they are not that hidden, as anyone curious enough can join such a group. But the points is that they do not disturb the society since everything is happening with a high degree of diplomacy. Bisexual couples date because they have a more open minded perspective when it comes to intimate needs and relationships, being very close to the relaxed point of view of our ancient civilizations. Whether it is out of curiosity or of the desire to release their emptiness and confusion of the modern times, many couples of the middle-class society join couples dating. It is a way to find out what they need and even to decrease some tensions.

There are many couples looking for women, and even for men, open to having such type of relations. It is rather awkward to call this manifestation as being inappropriate when they are happening since the beginning of our civilization. Not to mention that such couples never disturbed you in any way. And the fact that they are present in the online environment is nothing bothering since they are not ostensive or vulgar. Bisexual dating sites look the same as any other dating site, not representing a danger to anyone’s moral integrity. It is just a reminder that diversity exists, and we should accept it, as we did not create it, being created at the beginning of times. We all have the right to express ourselves the way we feel and live the life we desire, as long as we do not harm the people around us. And bisexual couples never did any harm whatsoever.