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Why Should Couples Not Hook Up with the Same Couple for the Third Time?

couples hookupYou and your partner enjoyed a couple of foursome hookups with a great couple you met online. Now the big question is coming up. Should there be a couples hookup for the third time? The foursome was fun, and everyone enjoyed spending time together, but it may be time to move on. There are many reasons why you should consider finding a different couple before hooking up with the same couple for a third time.

It doesn’t matter what everyone’s intentions are in the beginning. Couples looking for couples may be curious about having a foursome with another couple. Perhaps your sex life has been stale, and you’re hoping to spice it up a bit. A foursome is a safe way of having fun, without having an affair, when both of you are participating.

No matter how much we want to compartmentalize sex into meaning nothing, ironically it’s what helps couples to bond together. The more sex you have with a man or woman, the greater the chances of a bond forming. Rumor has it that sex generates love over time.

It doesn’t matter if there are four people in the foursome, it’s still possible that one or two people may fall in love with each other. After all, it’s possible for humans to love more than one person at a time. Foursome dating can present its own set of risks.

Unless you’re actively seeking polyamory, which is a different situation entirely, you’ll want to avoid the negative aspects of continually hooking up with the same couple over time.

Falling in love with someone outside your own partnership may cause feelings of embarrassment, particularly if those feelings aren’t exchanged. And if the feelings are exchanged, it’s opening up another relationship where the couple may be cheating on their respective partners.

Feelings of betrayal may happen between partners, if they’re unexpected. Chances are you set up some lengthy rules before you did your foursome. No discussion about where you work, you don’t tell anyone what you’re planning, and equal time with each partner. Naturally, having an affair was not one of the results you were hoping for. Affairs can destroy even the most adventurous of couples.

swinger datingHow can it be possible to avoid the awkwardness that may result after having a foursome two or three times? The best way is to find one-night stand hookups, instead of making plans to meet up again.

Only a one-night stand can ensure that the encounter is going to remain just that—a fun sexual encounter—and there will be no feelings exchanged between members. Better yet, keep your foursome dating set to a couple of hours of time, rather than one entire afternoon, or evening.

When you choose to try a couples hookup, be sure to make rules in advance and stick to them. That way any awkward situations will be avoided, but you’ll both still have a fun night ahead.