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Couples Hookups – Entertainment of the Middle Class

couples datingAt one point in the life of the love, relationships and dating, middle class couples were locked in a kind of Empty Quarter of the feeling of lonely, confused and hating of anything remotely to do with online dating.

Certainly they would not consider hiring escort services, wife-swapping sessions, or even going online and joining in on some dating sites – even when they became socially acceptable once we reached the 21st century.

But times have changed and so too has the attitudes from the middle classes surrounding dating. No longer is it the taboo it once was. Bisexual couples are among those most likely to venture into the world of couples hookups among the middle classes.

Hooking up with couples and getting into the scene of meeting other couples is a booming industry. Where in years gone by it was once frowned upon – particularly by the middle classes – it has today been liberated and middle class couples are enjoying the new found freedom of letting their hair down and experimenting with dating other couples (foursomes), singles dating (threesomes) and bisexual dating.

Indeed, this arena is where the industry is growing fastest. After all, middle class couples are often moderately wealthy and feel an agonizing need to spend their money on more exciting ventures than just tickets for the Henley Regatta, a weekend break in Monaco or an opera at the Royal Albert Hall. To the middle classes, it is as though they are breaking free of the chains of liberation and sampling the daring delights of dating with other couples.

Middle class society has for a long time been expected to act in a certain way; those who did not were frowned upon, talked about and even ostracised in many cases if they dared to be daring. And if that was then, then this is now. Bisexual couples are experimenting with other bisexual partners and often we find ourselves seeing something we may have only expected before coming out of a Jilly Cooper or Jackie Collins novel.

More couples are joining in on the couples dating scene with a passion and enthusiasm never seen before in this part of class society. It does show to us that in the past there has been a sort of repression – a censorship, if you will, in that they were above and beyond all that. But sexual adventures and enjoyment know no bounds or care not which class in society we come from.