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Why Should Couples Not Hook Up with the Same Couple for the Third Time?

couples hookupYou and your partner enjoyed a couple of foursome hookups with a great couple you met online. Now the big question is coming up. Should there be a couples hookup for the third time? The foursome was fun, and everyone enjoyed spending time together, but it may be time to move on. There are many reasons why you should consider finding a different couple before hooking up with the same couple for a third time.

It doesn’t matter what everyone’s intentions are in the beginning. Couples looking for couples may be curious about having a foursome with another couple. Perhaps your sex life has been stale, and you’re hoping to spice it up a bit. A foursome is a safe way of having fun, without having an affair, when both of you are participating.

No matter how much we want to compartmentalize sex into meaning nothing, ironically it’s what helps couples to bond together. The more sex you have with a man or woman, the greater the chances of a bond forming. Rumor has it that sex generates love over time.

It doesn’t matter if there are four people in the foursome, it’s still possible that one or two people may fall in love with each other. After all, it’s possible for humans to love more than one person at a time. Foursome dating can present its own set of risks.

Unless you’re actively seeking polyamory, which is a different situation entirely, you’ll want to avoid the negative aspects of continually hooking up with the same couple over time.

Falling in love with someone outside your own partnership may cause feelings of embarrassment, particularly if those feelings aren’t exchanged. And if the feelings are exchanged, it’s opening up another relationship where the couple may be cheating on their respective partners.

Feelings of betrayal may happen between partners, if they’re unexpected. Chances are you set up some lengthy rules before you did your foursome. No discussion about where you work, you don’t tell anyone what you’re planning, and equal time with each partner. Naturally, having an affair was not one of the results you were hoping for. Affairs can destroy even the most adventurous of couples.

swinger datingHow can it be possible to avoid the awkwardness that may result after having a foursome two or three times? The best way is to find one-night stand hookups, instead of making plans to meet up again.

Only a one-night stand can ensure that the encounter is going to remain just that—a fun sexual encounter—and there will be no feelings exchanged between members. Better yet, keep your foursome dating set to a couple of hours of time, rather than one entire afternoon, or evening.

When you choose to try a couples hookup, be sure to make rules in advance and stick to them. That way any awkward situations will be avoided, but you’ll both still have a fun night ahead.

Four Principle Qualities of Couples Hookup

couples hookupFoursome is a rising trend because of the numerous adult dating sites available. You can go the traditional way of approaching your friends, who are also a couple, or you can go online couples dating sites. A while back, most of these dating sites were for individuals who wanted a one-night stand with no strings attached. However, the rules have changed (somehow) and couples looking for experience can hook up with another couple. Before you think of going down that road, it is important to consider a few factors.


It is easy to meet up for sex, with no strings attached on the online dating sites. Traditionally, it was complicated to find new friends who have the same sexual ideas as you. With the invention of the adult dating sites, it has become pretty easy to get a couples hookup because all you have to do is go online, read couple’s profile and if you like what their profile, you are in. It is important to put your health first. Discuss with your partner and establish boundaries, use protection and avoid mixing fluids while you are at it.


Just because you have joined the couples looking for couple bandwagon does not mean you do not have privacy. As mentioned earlier, you should set boundaries beforehand in order to avoid regrets. Before you head to the bedroom, set the rules and ensure everyone sticks to them. Set the boundaries and ensure that every person understands the need to stick to the rules. If possible, you should have a code word as a couple in case things get out of control, you can come to each other’s rescue.


Every couple should remain respectful. Most preferably, the couple should meet before for a couple of drinks in order to know each other. After all, it is easier to walk away from a bar than from the house. Once you meet, you can seize the other couple up and know if you are compatible. If you are compatible, then you can then discuss and agree to the terms of couples dating before they come over to your house. If you cannot stand them, simply walk away and look for another couple. You have unlimited options.

No Envy

The rule of the thumb in any couples hookup is to stay casual and enjoy the moment. No need of being envious. You are a couple, and your intention was only to spice up your sex life and not look for options. Envy come it when you think your partner is having too much fun. If you have such a mindset, you will miss out all the fun. Loosen up and enjoy the moment. Once you are free, you will give your partner a chance to enjoy the experience too.


How to Sustain Your Romance as a Couple: Dating Site VS Swinger Club

swinging datingCouples dating site is an ideal was of keeping the romance flame alive. Indeed the sites lower the rate of divorce rate because the couples maintain the interest between each other. It is an ideal platform to find and sustain love between committed couples. A swinger club comes in handy when people want to have fun, with no strings attached. It is an avenue for committed couples to explore exciting ways of spicing up their lives. Most of the swinging clubs require proof of committed relationship before gaining admission into the club.  Mostly, swingers are married and in their mid-forties. So, which is the most beneficial for couples looking for couples?

An Analysis

Dating sites for couples are allows people in committed relationships to continue their dating even after total commitment. A couple gets to experience the renewal of the dating life. Through these sites, the couple has a chance to get out of their comfort zone and monotonous routine and enjoy the adventure of the dating life. Swinger dating is a complicated way to spice up the life of a couple because of the varied rules in the clubs that offer swinging lifestyles. In some cases, the club admission is extends to other patrons other than married couples.

Further, the intention of dating sites for married couples is to address the rising cases of divorce rates. If couples can find a way to keep their relationship interesting, the divorce rate would be minimal. The dating site allows couples to experience the hope that fulfils their relationship, and they renew their commitment to each other. Although swinging allows the couples to pursue happiness out of their comfort zone, these clubs do not dwell on the relationship building. Swinging solves the sexual aspect of a relationship and not the emotional aspect of the relationship. Although some swinger clubs provide a social platform, where couples socialize and dance, most of these clubs have additional facilities that permit couples to engage in sex alone or with others.

If the researchers can do a study on the committed couples, most couples would reveal interesting details about their relationships. Most committed couples do not have the energy to reach out for the creative dating ideas in the world. Most couples have to deal with financial and family obligations that take up most of their energy and enthusiasm. Their desire is safe options and not fresh and creative dating options. Dating sites for couples offer ideal package for the couples by helping them maintain the crazy schedule of committed relationship while they enjoy new dating ideas that conform to their way of life. The couples dating site offers a fresh feel to dating couples, which is apparently missing in swinging.

What Kind of Couples Like to Join a Couples Dating Site?

couples datingThere is no denying the fact that people love threesomes. It is also said that a lot of bisexual individuals are amazed by threesomes as it gives them the opportunity of exploring their sexuality in the most natural way. In case you’re unaware, bisexuals are individuals that are attracted to both men as well as women. While this certainly doesn’t mean that they cannot get into a serious relationship, their sexual preferences tend to be very different from others.

While a lot of people are under the impression that couples dating sites have only bisexuals, that isn’t always the case. There are a lot of different people that you’d find on such a website. Also, their preferences tend to be very different in comparison with stereotypes. If you’ve come across a couple dating site but are unsure of whether or not you should be joining it, this guide would certainly be of great help. Here is a list of the kind of couples that you might find on such websites:

Bisexual Couples: As mentioned earlier, bisexuals have very diverse sexual preferences and it solely depends on them whom they choose to make out with. Regardless of what case it might be, you are likely to find a lot of bisexual couples on these sites that are looking to spice up their romantic life. The addition of another single partner would be regarded as an amazing addition to the couple’s sex life. If you haven’t tried that earlier, it would certainly be a great change to have some fun.

Couples looking for other couples: Although there might be very few couples that are actually open to these relationships, they still do exist. They may be bisexual or straight and their needs might also vary. It is worth remembering that not everyone on these dating platforms is looking for sex or partner swapping. You might also find people seeking friendship in an alien location, especially when they’ve just moved in to a new place and have no friends.

Bi-curious couples: Well, these are very different from bisexual couples. Bi-curious people are those that aren’t actually considered bisexuals but are looking to do some sort of an experiment when it comes to choosing a sex partner. As the name suggests, they are simply curious about the idea of bisexuality and don’t mind exploring something different, provided their partners give consent. Some bi-curious couples also seek the companion of bi-curious singles just to hang out with or have some casual fun.

Now that you’re aware of the kind of people that you’d generally find on a couples dating site, it’s time to join a reliable dating platform and begin looking for a compatible match.

Swinger – Take it Easy on Couples Dating Site

swingerSwinging has been around since before the internet, but it was largely a rare meeting of adults at a party, most of whom knew one another, and a place where the drink would flow and anything could happen. Now, thanks to sophisticated online dating processes, swinging can be arranged, organized and go forward in a relaxed, pleasurable manner. It is time for couples looking for fun.

Foursome dating has always been the stuff of fantasy, but why should it stay in some dark recess of the mind? There is now a dating site where like-minded couples looking for couples can engage in frolic, fun and good times. Forget three in a bed; think foursome dating and you would be looking at a safe new way to have fun with other consenting couples.

The couples dating site is a place where genuine dating couples, or even married couples looking for an added bit of spice to their sex lives, meet up and get together with like-minded fun and frolics as the only campaign at the forefront of their minds.

Foursome dating (as well as threesome dating) is a not a new phenomenon but it is a growing one; and it is all thanks to online dating procedures which have made this genre of dating so much more accessible.

A dating site for couples is not a place for a single person looking for swinging couples and neither is it a place for someone who wants to wife-swap or husband swap on a permanent basis. The hook ups are for fun, temporary and for purely hedonistic reasons. But above all the hook ups must be mutual, all parties in agreement and the emphasis squarely on everyone having fun.

Couples seeking couples is a way that two happy, healthy and loving people can spice up their flagging or dull life and give it an extra dimension with some foursome dating. The dating site is safe and secure because the participants are always carefully vetted and discretion is always at the top of the agenda when meet ups or a quick drink in a bar or restaurant is organised first.

So, we guess the primary message here is to take it easy and enjoy the experience of foursome dating with the all-new couple dating site – specifically tailored towards people looking for couples.

Couples Dating Site Makes Stable Threesome and Foursome Relationships Come True

couples datingHow many couples like to stretch their relationship a little bit further and engage in spicy threesomes and even engaging in hot action with FOUR in a bed? The truth is more and more couples are engaging in this truly daring action because they find it actually fires their own relationship and bonds it even further, while making the sex life much improved.

However, too many couples all too sadly give up on the idea of a threesome or a foursome simply because it’s just too impractical or too difficult to find a willing third party or a couple that wants to engage in such a union.

Furthermore, it’s not just men who are looking for couples willing to form a three-way bond or a romantic triangle, there are more and more women looking for couples than ever before. And until the days of the internet becoming part and parcel of our daily lives, few of us ever thought it possible to engage in a threesome or foursome relationship.

Now there are more women looking for couples, as well as men, the demand for such romantic and sexual encounters is growing exponentially. There are an awful lot of couples looking for couples and even married pairs wanting bisexual couples to help join in on romantic endeavours.

It’s not always something sordid either: happily married couples or couples who have been engrossed in a loving long-term relationship often yearn for another couple to join them on a holiday or weekend break somewhere.

It is not uncommon for a relationship, which happens to be flagging, to be boosted by the interaction of another couple. A bisexual couple who are very much in love might warm to the idea of the male chatting to another man and his women and the social encounter becomes one of a group event and spreads the social circle just that little bit wider.

The need and desire for couples seeking couples to make friends with has become such a phenomenon that web masters have listened to the demand and acted by creating a number of dating sites dedicated to couples wishing to look into making stable relationships of a threesome and foursome nature come true – and why not, whether they are bisexual couples or couples looking for singles, the adventure inside of us yearns for this new avenue of passion and relationship.

Foursome in Couples Dating – Don’t Try until You Are Prepared

foursomeThere are times when bisexual couples want to explore more and go beyond the traditional couple. The foursome experience is one of the most frequent version, even if in many cases it happens behind closed doors. But this is going on by the desire of people to broaden their experiences and fulfill their fantasies. Some see it as a way to strengthen the bond with your partner. But some say it may ruin it if you are not adequately prepared to make this step. And this is true because not having a proper communication between the bi couple can lead to unpleasant situations and discussion that might eventually result in separation.

It is great to be able to experience your fantasies and deepest desires with your partner, but before anything like a couples hookup takes place, you must discuss with the other pair about what you’re thinking and feeling. Above all, you must be both open to each other, ready to share even the deepest ideas and wishes regarding your sexual life. It is more than fair to have these conversations together, so that you will both know what each other wants and how can you better fulfil these desires. Starting such endeavor without knowing what your partner wants, or desires can put you in an awkward situation, which may trigger unwanted feelings and can harm the relationship you had.

Once you have both opened up and strengthen your communication, especially regarding couples dating, you might take this matter into consideration. You need to make a little research about what this means and if you are both comfortable with the idea of looking for a couple. In other’s opinion, this is not called cheating or being an infidelity towards your partner because he is there with you all the time and aware of your wishes. Not to mention that he or she will also enjoy the benefits of a foursome. The next step would be to find another couple or bisexual couple that is interested in this type of couples dating. There are plenty of places, especially online dating sites for couples looking for couples with the wish of having a foursome experience. It can be a good method to start your search for couples hooking up, especially if you want to keep your discretion about it or don’t wish to involve couples that are your friends.

Also, once you have both made up your mind about it, it is highly advisable to go for a couple of meetings to know the bi couple you are about to date. The same communication that needs to be happening in your couple should happen with this couple as well, to see what their opinions and feelings are about the foursome couples dating. You need to be sure that you are going to get along and that you have a communication on the same wavelength, in order to avoid any misunderstandings. So it is better to know each other a bit, instead of just launching into something with complete strangers. It is great you both want to fulfill your partner’s desires, but the well-being and integrity of the couple must concern you first. So take precaution and don’t forget always to communicate while dating with couples.

We Are Couples Looking for Couples

couples looking for couplesMost people today aim to stay and live with their ideal partner for the rest of their life.  Even if they are already couples, they still spare time and effort to look for couples dating site where they can look for the best and the most impressive couples match where they can happily and excitingly mingle with each other.  Well, worry no more as there are already dating site online that may help you out especially if you are looking for couples like yours. You need not to be shy and be put under pressure if you want to date a couple despite of the fact that you are bisexual since you are assured that you can find for a couple match that suits your needs and interest.

Not all couples are given the chance to look for couples who they could have a date with. This is due to the fact that they are already couples and they seemed to have their own partners in their life. This is also because, most of the dating sites do not want to ruin the life and relationship of couples once they are out for a date and immediately get attracted to the couples they spend time with. This is the reason why couples seeking couples needs to be very careful in choosing the best couples dating site that could offer them the best and hassle free experience in meeting and dating couples.

Meeting and Dating Couples Who are looking for Couples

If you want to meet and date couples, spare time to get in touch with reputable and highly trusted couples dating site. This is very essential as it opens doors to huge group of couples who also wanted to have their date with other couples. This is a great opportunity for couples to spend time with other people with great personalities and preferences in their life. Well, if you get in touch with couples dating site, you are assured of convenient and immediate response in your aim of meeting and dating couples you’ve chosen.

Even if there are certain studies and researches that highlights divorce situation of couples who have become part of couples dating match and services but still couples today are not tempt to cancel their account and membership from different couples dating sites. This is because they are aware that meeting and dating couples looking for couples just need companion and friends whom they could spend quality time with. This is observed as the increasing numbers of couples today are already part of such type of dating service in the online community.

Why Choose to Be Part of Couples Dating Site?

Being part of couples dating site doesn’t mean that you are not satisfied and contented with the love, care and attention given by your partner rather you just need to explore and make some friends with other couples to make your relationship strong and flexible. This is one way of going beyond your relationship in a way that strong trust and love from each other is always at stake. Thus, couples looking for couples as their date need not to be bothered anymore as couples dating site is not here to take unwanted effect in their relationship rather leverage it at its highest commitment level.