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Do Bisexual Couples Only Date a Third for Sex?

threesome datingTrue enough, our time today is a good time to be out in the open about your sexuality. With the help of many advocates and support groups, more and more people are becoming more transparent about their real identities to the public. With this situation, questions and misconceptions could arise from the people outside of the group. One of which is the uncertainty as to whether bisexual couples go on in dating a third person for the sole purpose of sex or if they do for the most genuine reasons.

The truth is that although most people would subscribe to this notion, bisexual people do not always involve another person in the couples dating just for the sake of satisfying their needs. It is sad to know that a lot of people who are uneducated and unaware of what really goes on in the whole idea of bisexuality are the ones who are very vocal about imposing stereotypes involving bisexual women looking for couples. It is important to note that just like any other normal relationship, people who prefer to date and know other people deeper regardless of their sex do not have to get in touch with another person for sexual satisfaction.

One good reason for this is that, just like any other people who have dating preferences may it be traditional or unconventional, bisexual couples do have a sense of loyalty to their partner. It may be true for other couples to be open to the idea of introducing another character to whatever adventures they have in bed, you should still remember that not all couples think like so. With this, a genuine concern for the preferences of the other half of the partnership would warrant a partner to stay away from having third parties for sexual gratification.

A bisexual is indeed able to get attracted to both sexes. However, this should not be a cause for you to think that participants of bisexual couples have to have both in a single relationship just too completely fill the void in their sexual exploration. You should always remember that although heterosexuals (straight) and homosexuals (gays and lesbians) have a single gender preference, they may still be attracted to a lot of individuals belonging to the gender that they prefer. They could be with two or more of these people, but they prefer to be with the person whom they think is the best among the thousands of the people. The same goes for couples hookup among bisexuals.

It is about time to be opening minded about these things and be aware that bisexuality does not always have to involve women looking for couples. In order for us to stay away from making close minded comments about their sexuality, we should educate ourselves with what really goes on in their world.