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Do Bisexual Couples Only Date a Third for Sex?

threesome datingTrue enough, our time today is a good time to be out in the open about your sexuality. With the help of many advocates and support groups, more and more people are becoming more transparent about their real identities to the public. With this situation, questions and misconceptions could arise from the people outside of the group. One of which is the uncertainty as to whether bisexual couples go on in dating a third person for the sole purpose of sex or if they do for the most genuine reasons.

The truth is that although most people would subscribe to this notion, bisexual people do not always involve another person in the couples dating just for the sake of satisfying their needs. It is sad to know that a lot of people who are uneducated and unaware of what really goes on in the whole idea of bisexuality are the ones who are very vocal about imposing stereotypes involving bisexual women looking for couples. It is important to note that just like any other normal relationship, people who prefer to date and know other people deeper regardless of their sex do not have to get in touch with another person for sexual satisfaction.

One good reason for this is that, just like any other people who have dating preferences may it be traditional or unconventional, bisexual couples do have a sense of loyalty to their partner. It may be true for other couples to be open to the idea of introducing another character to whatever adventures they have in bed, you should still remember that not all couples think like so. With this, a genuine concern for the preferences of the other half of the partnership would warrant a partner to stay away from having third parties for sexual gratification.

A bisexual is indeed able to get attracted to both sexes. However, this should not be a cause for you to think that participants of bisexual couples have to have both in a single relationship just too completely fill the void in their sexual exploration. You should always remember that although heterosexuals (straight) and homosexuals (gays and lesbians) have a single gender preference, they may still be attracted to a lot of individuals belonging to the gender that they prefer. They could be with two or more of these people, but they prefer to be with the person whom they think is the best among the thousands of the people. The same goes for couples hookup among bisexuals.

It is about time to be opening minded about these things and be aware that bisexuality does not always have to involve women looking for couples. In order for us to stay away from making close minded comments about their sexuality, we should educate ourselves with what really goes on in their world.

Things You Need to Know Before You Get into Swinger Dating

swinger datingGetting into a mature relationship always start with something that is relatively light, much as meeting up and dating. You may be in this phase already and hopefully, you are aware that getting into these kind of stuff requires you to go out of your way and do something to get closer to the one you are dating. Truth be told, this can apply to anyone you date, may he/she be someone who prefers girls, guys or both. In becoming one of the bisexual couples, however, you have to break down all the stereotypes associated with your partner’s gender preferences and get on to know him or her better.

Respect is Key

To be completely honest, talking to your partner about his or her sexuality can be a bit weird and uncomfortable. Especially if you are dating a bisexual, you might have a lot of questions in mind that you want to let out. Since knowing your partner, is as important as maintaining respect in couples hookup, you can smoothly ask questions to your partner by carefully going through them before letting them out. You surely do not want to sound insensitive by asking a rather innocent question that is spilled in a rather impolite way. You should always be able to remember whatever answer you will get in the process.

Communicate Often

As with other straight or homosexual couples dating, it is important to keep a constant communication with your partner. It is undeniable that you may have a lot of misconceptions about his or her sexuality. It is important that you let these be known to him or her early in the relationship so that you can establish the things that you can expect from it. If there happens divergences, you should let your partner know in a very sensitive and constructive way so as to allow the both of you to sort things out. This way, you can always settle out your difference without having to go through unnecessary fights.

Just like you, people around you may have confusions about what goes on in bisexuals dating. These could be only petty, or they could be things that are serious enough to warrant judgment from them that are definitely uncalled for. With this, you should be ready with appropriate responses for remarks from these people, as they may not be conscious enough with how they let out their questions and comments. You just have to keep an open mind and understand that they still have a lot to learn with regards to bisexual couples.

Always remember that in swinger dating, even though your partner is set to be attracted to both genders, he or she still chose you. You just have to keep this in mind and go on with the relationship, just as you would in traditional dating.

What Kind of Couples Like to Join a Couples Dating Site?

couples datingThere is no denying the fact that people love threesomes. It is also said that a lot of bisexual individuals are amazed by threesomes as it gives them the opportunity of exploring their sexuality in the most natural way. In case you’re unaware, bisexuals are individuals that are attracted to both men as well as women. While this certainly doesn’t mean that they cannot get into a serious relationship, their sexual preferences tend to be very different from others.

While a lot of people are under the impression that couples dating sites have only bisexuals, that isn’t always the case. There are a lot of different people that you’d find on such a website. Also, their preferences tend to be very different in comparison with stereotypes. If you’ve come across a couple dating site but are unsure of whether or not you should be joining it, this guide would certainly be of great help. Here is a list of the kind of couples that you might find on such websites:

Bisexual Couples: As mentioned earlier, bisexuals have very diverse sexual preferences and it solely depends on them whom they choose to make out with. Regardless of what case it might be, you are likely to find a lot of bisexual couples on these sites that are looking to spice up their romantic life. The addition of another single partner would be regarded as an amazing addition to the couple’s sex life. If you haven’t tried that earlier, it would certainly be a great change to have some fun.

Couples looking for other couples: Although there might be very few couples that are actually open to these relationships, they still do exist. They may be bisexual or straight and their needs might also vary. It is worth remembering that not everyone on these dating platforms is looking for sex or partner swapping. You might also find people seeking friendship in an alien location, especially when they’ve just moved in to a new place and have no friends.

Bi-curious couples: Well, these are very different from bisexual couples. Bi-curious people are those that aren’t actually considered bisexuals but are looking to do some sort of an experiment when it comes to choosing a sex partner. As the name suggests, they are simply curious about the idea of bisexuality and don’t mind exploring something different, provided their partners give consent. Some bi-curious couples also seek the companion of bi-curious singles just to hang out with or have some casual fun.

Now that you’re aware of the kind of people that you’d generally find on a couples dating site, it’s time to join a reliable dating platform and begin looking for a compatible match.

Top 5 World’s Best Cities for Couples Hookup Dating

swinger club

Swinger Club

Couples who’ve found romance in another country understand better the phrase “love knows no borders” – it’s not a respecter of artificial boundaries, and never will. If you are swingers or bisexual couples looking to have some good time, whether in your home country or an urban city abroad, you can tip the odds in your favor and find places in the world best known for their vibrant swinging and bisexual partners for fun.

These choice cities have made it to the top-five list thanks to their hip restaurants that create a perfect aura for that first date with bisexual partner(s), chicest bars that make meeting a swinger easy, lush parks for those romantic walks (if you need to), and, most importantly, for their plethora of fun and friendly swinging couples open to meeting new swingers.

#1: Buenos Aires, Argentina – There’s no finer city in the world that embraces romance to its fullest than Buenos Aires. Here, couples looking to find a date can have quite an easy time as the nightlife lasts until eight or even ten in the morning – and it doesn’t ever seem to stop. If you miss a chance to finding a date in Buenos Aires, Palermo, the largest neighborhood in the city, has laid-back bars too. You can’t miss finding a bisexual partner willing to have some fun.

#2: Austin, United States – There’s no shortage of opportunity either in Austin. The nightlife in this offbeat Texas capital presents bisexual couples looking for a perfect date a diverse dating pool. Put simply, you’ll be spoilt for choice. The locals here subscribe to the maxim that if you don’t like a scene in a particular bar, move to the next one until you do. Hottest dating spots in Austin can also be found in Clarksville, South Congress or Downtown. Take time and sample all.

#3: Copenhagen, Denmark – That you can find a swinger quickly in Copenhagen is no lie. Thanks to long summer nights, the city of Copenhagen is laden with opportunities for couples dating or looking to have some fun with swingers or swinging couples. The free-spirited and laid-back partying nature of the Copenhageners makes them fun to be around. Find your way here. There are lots of trendy bars and cafes to keep a couples energy up all night long for some kinky fun.

#4: Montreal, Canada – Oh, you just have to love Montreal. It boasts a plethora of intimate bistros with a laid-back atmosphere for that hot couple’s night out. Couples who are looking to ignite their sex life can find swingers or bisexual couples at swanky, urban parties at downtown Montreal where people never seem to sleep. If you’re looking for a gay partner to have some fun with, the Village neighborhood that is east of downtown Montreal, is the perfect place to be.

#5: Cape Town, South Africa – If you’re not shy about letting your hair down and having some good time, Capetonians will embrace you as one of their own. Just like Austin, Cape Town has no shortage of opportunities for dating couples. It’s a cosmopolitan city with people who are entirely social. With numerous new gay clubs and high-end swanky clubs popping up in the city, you are bound to find bisexual couples and swingers looking to unwind to some good time.

Online Dating Profile Tips for Women Looking for Couples

bisexual womenFor women looking for couples, online dating websites can offer them the best environment to do so. There isn’t any other better way to meet new people than by using online dating services. Anyone can easily set up a profile and look for people that might match their personality. There are plenty dating sites that have thousands of members. It doesn’t matter if you are straight or a bisexual. On these websites, you can easily meet bisexual women, even if in your real life they seem to be rather scarce. If you set up a proper online dating profile, you will attract only the people that have the same interests with you.

First, do give as many details about yourself as possible. People like to get engaged with others that are not strangers and have some knowledge about them. Online couples dating sites can get a bit impersonal since the first contacts are established through messages. So do try to give a personal note to your profile by stating there the aspects that describe you best and are particular to you. This way, you will make sure to attract people that are on the same wavelength with you, instead of getting engaged with people that don’t match your personality. So don’t disregard this part.

Also, do mention what your preferences are. State that you look for a couple or bisexual women. It will help you narrow the list and help you get in touch with the people that wish the same things. Of course, if you are on a couple dating site, most likely you will find an attractive couple. But do mention your preferences, your attractions and interests, especially regarding your intimacy. Thus, you will make sure that both parties will know what they got engaged and what to expect. Not to mention that it will increase your chances of finding the right persons.

Don’t forget to mention the aspects that recommend you. Even if it is a dating site, you need to be careful to promote yourself if you wish to have a better exposure. Remember that the number of members on these bisexual websites can be quite staggering, so you need to come out with something to stand out in the crowd. The way you set up the profile and present yourself can tell a lot of things about you. So if you do it in high standards and quality, most certainly these two characteristics will recommend you as well.

As you can see, if you wish to get serious in couples hookup, you need to invest a bit of time and effort in making the profile right. It is the tool that will ensure you the success of meeting as many persons as possible. Don’t worry, online dating is not hard at all, but since you want to be seen in a good light. So use the profile on the online dating sites to make the best out of your chances and out of your life.

One Night Stand – Best Way for Two Couples Hookup

one night stand

MF couple and FF couple

When it comes to trying to get involved in some form of foursome, you can find that the variety of implications that can come up along the way can be quite daunting. Even for couples dating who are quite open and happy for other things to go on around them it can become a bit of a drama trying to manage things when you have a foursome happening around you. When you and your partner are seeing another person or another couple at the same time, emotions can become frayed and the lines can start to blur quite a bit more than many might have been anticipating. To avoid this problem from escalating and becoming worse, we recommend that any couple looking for couple relations considers the far more beneficial side of an open relationship: one-night stands hookup.

Whilst many couples are happy for the “fun” to be spread across more or less whoever they please, it still hurts when you see your other half getting too intimate with someone on an emotional level. If you are happy for the whole bisexual coups thing to take place, that’s fine, but are you happy with someone else sharing the emotional bond and connection that you share? This is what can happen in these situations, and it can quickly damage the entire dynamic of what you both have.

To keep things sweet and in perspective, any couple looking for couple action should try and get involved in a foursome via a one-night stand. Whether it’s together or individually, having a bit of no-strings attached fun on the side can be far more enjoyable for you. It takes a whole lot of courage to go through couples hookup, and if things get too heavy on one side it can start to drain from the experience quite dramatically. In that situation, you really are best trying to stick to the route of a normal one-night stand.

This leaves all of the desire and the fun in the room with you together, and you don’t need to carry on the extra emotional burden that can come with effectively juggling relationships. You’ll start to notice things like emotions of envy and even betrayal creeping in where there was none personally. It might seem fun to have another group that you have a foursome with and enjoy the feeling of being happy bisexual couples together, but are you ready for the emotional burden that can come from this?

Think about what you are getting into at the moment, and how it may affect your life in the future. Can you see it coming back to bite you all in some manner? If so, you would be well advised to steer clear and stick to a more traditionally enjoyable path which is the age-old one night stand.

Foursome in Couples Dating – Don’t Try until You Are Prepared

foursomeThere are times when bisexual couples want to explore more and go beyond the traditional couple. The foursome experience is one of the most frequent version, even if in many cases it happens behind closed doors. But this is going on by the desire of people to broaden their experiences and fulfill their fantasies. Some see it as a way to strengthen the bond with your partner. But some say it may ruin it if you are not adequately prepared to make this step. And this is true because not having a proper communication between the bi couple can lead to unpleasant situations and discussion that might eventually result in separation.

It is great to be able to experience your fantasies and deepest desires with your partner, but before anything like a couples hookup takes place, you must discuss with the other pair about what you’re thinking and feeling. Above all, you must be both open to each other, ready to share even the deepest ideas and wishes regarding your sexual life. It is more than fair to have these conversations together, so that you will both know what each other wants and how can you better fulfil these desires. Starting such endeavor without knowing what your partner wants, or desires can put you in an awkward situation, which may trigger unwanted feelings and can harm the relationship you had.

Once you have both opened up and strengthen your communication, especially regarding couples dating, you might take this matter into consideration. You need to make a little research about what this means and if you are both comfortable with the idea of looking for a couple. In other’s opinion, this is not called cheating or being an infidelity towards your partner because he is there with you all the time and aware of your wishes. Not to mention that he or she will also enjoy the benefits of a foursome. The next step would be to find another couple or bisexual couple that is interested in this type of couples dating. There are plenty of places, especially online dating sites for couples looking for couples with the wish of having a foursome experience. It can be a good method to start your search for couples hooking up, especially if you want to keep your discretion about it or don’t wish to involve couples that are your friends.

Also, once you have both made up your mind about it, it is highly advisable to go for a couple of meetings to know the bi couple you are about to date. The same communication that needs to be happening in your couple should happen with this couple as well, to see what their opinions and feelings are about the foursome couples dating. You need to be sure that you are going to get along and that you have a communication on the same wavelength, in order to avoid any misunderstandings. So it is better to know each other a bit, instead of just launching into something with complete strangers. It is great you both want to fulfill your partner’s desires, but the well-being and integrity of the couple must concern you first. So take precaution and don’t forget always to communicate while dating with couples.

Elena is Dating a Bisexual Couple on Couples Dating Site

threesomeThe LGBT community creates a wide impact in the lives of many people. This community influences other people to open their mind on several aspects of rights and freedom. The primary purpose of LGBT is commonly referred to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and transgender community. One of its members is Elena, who is a bisexual woman having met a bisexual couple through a dating site and had a threesome for her first time.

Elena had a long term relationship with her boyfriend but she failed and she was cheated by her boyfriend. Elena decided to move on and pay her attention to other things which will make her happy and forget his ex-boyfriend and she begun to try a new relationship with bisexual couples. Women looking for couples like Elena, want to enjoy and get satisfied in sex life until she discovered the couples dating site. Finally, Elena tried to use the website and met a bisexual couple. They are all willing to have a love triangle and enjoy a fantastic sex life.

Women looking for couples who want to evolve from monogamy into the new and exciting world of open relationship like a bisexual couple dating always get crazy in a threesome relationship. Having sex with bisexual couples makes Elena satisfied for the first time and she wants to make it for a long time.

The only disadvantage of couples dating sites is that they may put Elena in danger, maybe Elena will have an unwanted sickness or a Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI).But they can prevent this by using contraceptives like condom which will prevent the STI or Sexually Transmitted Disease. Couple dating sites will bring women looking for couples into a new and interesting sex life. Threesome is just another way to connect with a new person. Elena will become a good friend and she will have a new experience in the sex life.

Let’s check the words Elena had sent to us:

When I met the bi couple through this couple dating site, it let me feel good and satisfied of having a threesome sex with them and it is the best sex that I have in my whole life. I have never experienced the feelings of being satisfied in the sex in my past relationships. With this bisexual couple, I feel amazing in sex. But in the first trials of having sex with the guy, it led me to the emotional confusion, and also in pain when he did the wrong trials. After having another trial, we could enjoy the threesome sex and we all want to make this a long term relationship. But now they should settle things in their life, and I really miss them.