Condom – The Essential for Couples Hookup

use condom while couples hookupThere is nothing wrong in manifesting your sexual fantasies, especially if you find the right partners in this game. Even if you are engaged in a relationship and you form a couple with someone, if you trust each other well enough you can still have fun together. For instance, on couples dating sites you can easily find other couples that are willing to enjoy time with you and fulfill your fantasies. Believe it or not, there are many couples seeking couples for hookups, like swinging and other activities that take your intimate adventures to another level. But, even so, you should always use protection. The condom should be present in all your adventures with other couples and should never be disregarded. You cannot afford to fool around when it comes to your health and well being.

You see, when it comes to couples hookup, you don’t have too much time to know the other couple well enough. In fact, no one joins couples dating sites to make friends. People come here to satisfy their sexual fantasies and not necessarily to start a long term relationship. So you may go on a double date to know each other a little and talk about what you like and don’t like, but this is about it. Even if you do end up spending a lot of time in the company of the other couple, you cannot know for sure if they have health problems or not. Many sexually transmitted diseases do not have visible symptoms. Also, a person may not even be aware of carrying around a STD virus, if he or she doesn’t undergo periodic medical exams. Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, hepatitis, and HIV can be asymptomatic up to a point, so you won’t know if a person is infected or not. Hepatitis, genital herpes, and even the Zika virus are more noticeable, being sexually transmitted diseases that produce symptoms rather quickly.

So, there are many STDs that you can get without even knowing. The condom will keep you safe and your partner as well, during your sexual endeavors. This is why you should never accept a couples hookup with sexual intercourse without the presence of a condom. After all, you are doing this to have fun and not to compromise your health. Just have in mind that all the couples you meet on couples dating sites are periodically changing partners, because this is how this game is played. If they wouldn’t use condoms, who know what viruses and diseases they may carry. Again, a person doesn’t have to be visibly sick in order to be a virus carrier. Thus, he or she may pass the virus on to the next person, without using a condom, and not be aware of this at all.

Have fun and enjoy couples hookup is this is what turns you on, but always stay on the safe side. Play responsible and always wear and use protection, no matter what. Why worry about the dangers of STDs when you can easily prevent anything bad from happening with a condom. And today there are very many types of condoms, each type meant to arouse the partners in different manners, so you can’t say that a condom is cutting your fun. A condom is sexy and will keep you safe at all times.